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Why should you enable remote working for your company and staff? Well, why shouldn’t you? What are you gaining by not doing so?

There are a lot of myths about security and data safety, staff not performing well if they are not in the office, your server room is better than a data centre, etc etc…  None of this is true, and is about time you have another think, or continue reading…

During the Covid-19 pandemic several companies found themselves unprepared to function or operate with lockdowns and strict distancing rules.  In fact, many companies didn’t make it, simply because they could not operate with their offices being shut and staff unable to work remotely.  Other companies paid hundreds of thousands of pounds to update their systems last minute, train their staff, purchase laptops, upgrade their servers, and setup remote working via terminal services or VPN.

Benefits of enabling remote or hybrid working.

  • Your data is safer online, given you work with the right IT partners and have the right security and backup configurations in place.
  • Your data can be accessed safely and securely by your staff from any location, even if your office is shut or have no office at all.
  • Your staff can work more efficiently when given the tools and freedom to work remotely.
  • No downtime in the event of a pandemic, you continue to work as normal.
  • Cheaper than traditional or legacy systems.
  • Easier to support and maintain, regardless if you have your own in-house IT or are outsourcing.

Recommended Systems and Setup

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA).
  • Corporate grade Firewall / Router with IPSEC VPN.
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM).
  • Cloud based / Remote Management of Anti Virus and Anti Spyware software.
  • Remote tools for IT Support, managing user machines remotely.
  • Helpdesk for staff to log IT Issues.
  • Secure Passwords, Enforced via policies.
  • Laptops NOT Desktops.
  • Enable Bit Locker on Windows or File Vault Encryption on Macs – Enforced with additional security software.
  • Cloud Telephony / Softphones.
  • Cloud Audio & Video Conferencing.

If you are looking to migrate your legacy systems to the cloud, setup remote or hybrid working, but are not sure where to start or what is required, then please do get in touch with our professional team, we would love to help.