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When it comes to selecting a CCTV system, there are plenty of options available to suit small, medium, and large businesses.  One of the most asked questions is whether to go for a local NVR system or a Cloud based system.

There is no right or wrong answers or solutions, it all depends on your situation, requirements, budget and type of business.

In our experience, businesses are usually better off with cloud based solutions or systems.  These are usually cheaper, easier to manage, and best for growing or multisite businesses.

Some of the cons or pros of using cloud v local solutions.

Cloud CCTV Solutions Pros and Cons


  • Cheaper than local NVR systems or solutions.
  • Easier to scale
  • Great for multisite businesses
  • Easy to maintain or manage
  • Easy to access locally or remotely
  • You can store online and locally
  • Analytics
  • Some systems have built-in AI


  • Some systems might require an online subscription.
  • Some camera models or brands might not be compatible.
  • Some are not compatible with other brands, must use the same cameras as the system.


Local CCTV NVR Solutions Pros and Cons


  • Works locally without internet connection
  • Best if you have a poor internet connection or bandwidth


  • Vulnerable to theft, if there is a break-in then the system is gone.
  • Not ideal for multisite businesses
  • Not ideal for scaling or growing businesses, NVRs require licences and usually come with a set number of channels.
  • Risk of hard drive failure and loss of data / no redundancy.
  • Can be difficult to setup and maintain.
  • Can be difficult to access or setup remote access.

We understand that not all businesses are the same and security requirements can vary,  therefore if you are not sure what security solution would work best for your business, then please get in touch with us.